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Auckland Speech Therapy is passionate that any service they provide empowers those around a child to promote and enrich speech, language and communication development beyond the time spent with the Speech Language Therapist. We aim to provide flexible options that can be tailored to individual children, families and education settings.

If you can't see what you are after, please contact us today to discuss your needs!

Auckland Speech Therapy is able to provide education and training for a variety of audiences including parents, caregivers, family, teachers and any professionals involved with children and young people with speech, language or communication needs, including Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder often have challenges connecting and communicating those around them. Auckland Speech Therapy is passionate about empowering families and educators to understand Autism and strategies that can be implemented to support a child’s communication strengths and development. Fundamental to our approach is supporting the development of connection, engagement and reciprocal relationships with children through play and interaction.

All children develop  their speech, language and communication abilities at different rates. If children have challenges with their speech and/or language development, it may be difficult for you or others to understand their message, they may show frustration when trying to communicate or get their message across. ​Auckland Speech Therapy values providing support which focuses on turning everyday situations into opportunities to develop and enrich a child's speech and language. 


One of the key factors for successful second language acquisition is creating a rich, stimulating and an adequate language learning environment where children's communication in both languages is facilitated and extended. If children find it challenging to communicate using their first or second language in spite of an adequate amount of exposure to both languages, a comprehensive assessment of their challenges is needed.

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