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The Auckland community is culturally diverse and multilingual. Second language learning provokes lots of questions and myths amongst both educators and parents.  One of the most common misunderstandings about multilingual language development is the assumption that the introduction of a second language can causes a delay in child's speech and language development. This can sometimes lead to families choosing to stop using their native language with children which can can separate a child from their home language and culture.

Creating success in second language learning

One of the key factors for successful second language acquisition is creating a rich, stimulating and an adequate language learning environment where children's communication in both languages is facilitated and extended.

Research on bilingualism has shown that if children find it challenging to communicate using their first or second language in spite of an adequate amount of exposure to both languages, a comprehensive assessment of their challenges is needed and if necessary, an appropriate intervention should be undertaken under the guidance of a qualified Speech Language Therapist.


How we can help:

Auckland Speech Therapy can tailor input to your need and can include:


  • Individual speech and language assessment in English or Russian

  • Individual or group therapy sessions in English or Russian

  • Introductory workshops to share information about "Bilingualism and language development" with educators and parents.  

If you are an educator or a parent who would like to know more about second language acquisition or learn about strategies for creating a bilingual friendly environment then please contact us.