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Children develop  their speech, language, and communication abilities at different rates. Speech development refers to a child's ability to listen to and say sounds that make up words. Language refers to a child's understanding and use of words to form sentences and express themselves for different purposes.

If children have challenges with their speech and/or language development, it may be difficult for you or others to understand their message, they may show frustration when trying to communicate or get their message across. There can be many reasons for why a child experience these challenges, these can include:​


  • Speech delay or disorder

  • Language delay or disorder

  • Dyspraxia

  • Stuttering

  • Cleft Palate

What might Speech & Language difficulties look like?
How we can help.

Auckland Speech Therapy values providing support to children and their families which cater to and build upon a child's communication strengths. We focus on turning everyday situations into opportunities which develop and enrich a child's speech and language. Our input can come in a variety of forms depending on what is suitable for your child and family and could include:

  • Formal and informal assessment of speech and language abilities

  • Providing recommendations and strategies for the adults in a child's environment to support their speech and language development

  • Individual therapy with a Speech Language Therapist in combination with follow up of strategies at home or in their education setting e.g. early childhood centre, school

  • Providing training and workshops for groups of parents and/or educators on speech and language development and creating communication friendly environments

  • Supporting preparation and transition to school based on the child's strengths and making a smooth transition to school for children and parents

  • Teletherapy is available when appropriate for the individual

All forms of support can be individualised to your need and can include a combination of assessment, consultation, modelling, training, providing programmes and resources, collaborating with other services and specialists so please contact us to discuss.

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