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Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder often have challenges connecting and communicating with those around them. Auckland Speech Therapy is passionate about empowering families and educators to understand Autism and strategies that can be implemented to support a child’s communication strengths  and development. Fundamental to our approach is supporting the development of connection, engagement and reciprocal relationships through play and interaction.​

How we can help

Speech therapists at Auckland Speech Therapy are experienced in a variety of approaches and can provide support in different ways including:

  • Individual therapy sessions with children and their family

  • Supporting educators in early childhood settings or schools to implement appropriate strategies

  • Planning and supporting transition to school (early childhood, primary or secondary)

  • Providing families and educators with support for challenging behaviour

  • Assessing communication needs and developing a communication profile

  • Teletherapy is available when appropriate for the individual

All forms of support can be individualised to your need and can include a combination of assessment, consultation, modelling, training, providing programmes and resources, collaborating with other services and specialists so please contact us to discuss.

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