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Fern completed a BSc (hons) in Speech Language Therapy in London in 2008. She has extensive experience working with clients with a range of complex communication needs. For the last 7 years Fern has specialised in working with children with little to no functional speech, investigating alternative communication options available to them. 

She has a specialist interest in Autism Spectrum Disorder and has worked extensively with this client group. She has presented at a number of national conferences since her time in New Zealand. In 2019, Fern will be pursuing her Masters in this area. When in the UK, Fern worked predominantly with school aged children with a range of communication disorders, working closely with school teams and families. Her passion is to empower families and work closely and collaboratively to achieve the best results. She enjoys working closely with other professionals such as occupational therapists, pediatricians and teachers. 

Fern is Welsh and moved to NZ in 2011 and now lives in West Auckland with her family.