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Rebekah Marcetic

Rebekah completed a Master of Speech Language Therapy Practice from the University of Auckland in 2011. Having previously studied languages and worked as an English language teacher, Rebekah discovered that speech and language therapy combined many of her academic interests, as well as her love of working with and helping people. 


Rebekah began working as a speech and language therapist for a private practice. She subsequently spent two years working for the TalkLink Trust where she developed specialist skills in the area of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). That work centered on the recognition that everyone deserves meaningful interaction with those around them, and that through holistic assessment and effective implementation of appropriate supports, a person's communicative abilities can be unmasked and enhanced to help them get their message across. These concepts continue to underlie all the work that Rebekah does as a clinician. 


Rebekah then moved to London where she worked in mainstream and special school settings, using her skills in AAC, as well as Hanen and Attention Autism training on a daily basis. Upon her return to New Zealand, Rebekah welcomed a son who now gets to play with the many toys she has acquired for speech and language therapy clients over the years. 


Rebekah's approach to working with clients is fun and lively, and she can often be found on the floor playing with clients to work on speech and language therapy goals.

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