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Elena Antipova

Elena is a Speech Language Therapist with extensive experience working with children and young people aged 2-21 years with Autism Spectrum Disorder, complex communication and  learning challenges, children who are nonverbal or have limited verbal communication and using alternative communication systems. Elena is also helping children with a variety of speech and language disorders and delays including cleft palate, stuttering  and  providing support to bilingual children and families within the Auckland Russian community. 


Elena is passionate about helping the adults around a child to gain confidence in applying appropriate strategies in everyday life.  Her practice is built on trust, positive relationships, and professionalism. She works with parents and educators in preschool and school settings, delivers presentations and training packages that include practical support in implementation of the strategies in the child's natural environment.   She believes in working alongside the people she works with, learning with them  and empowering them. 

Elena began her professional journey as a Speech Language Therapist in Russia after receiving  her degree in 1996, and pursued her career in New Zealand after completing the Masters in Speech Science program at the University of Auckland in 2005.  She has bubbly personality  and gentle nature.